Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tibbr and the other dimentions of social networking

Tibber is a commercial social networking and collaboration product which according to the Head of Enginnering and Product Management division Shriram Chakraborthi its a ground breaking technology that unifies social and communication in real time where everything is available as a wall post. Some of the existing feature of Tibbr are.

Tibbr allows people to follow not only people but also Subjects, Systems, Processes, Governance. This means people can watch activity streams of systems. System can be a Point of Sales POS Terminal or an assembly line. Just imagine how important this would be for a line manager to have this information cumming onto his wall. Not only that Tibbr can be inegrated with lagacy systems like Oracle ERP products. For example it can be integrated with Oracle Expenses which shows different expenses the subordinates has done and expects the approval from the Manager. Once this kind of wall post is clicked Tibbr will bring up the necessary interface of the legacy system which is the Oracle Expece Approval form in this case so that the  manager can do the approval staying inside Tibbr.

Tibcast of Tibbr allow a person to initiate a conference call or a presentation session. The initiator can select the presenter and once done Tibcast will show the webcam outputs of each memeber plus the desktop of the presenter which is screen shared. The edge of this feature is if the iniitator selected a person who is offline at
the time of the conference he will get a recorded version of the conference as a screecast which will be poped on his wall.

The voice memmo feature of Tibbr allows people to record somthing using the Tibbr smart phone app and post it to the Tibbr wall.

Tibbr also has widgets created to show activity streams which can be hooked into a CMS. These widgets are context aware which is it will filter out activities and show activities related to the page which the widget is sitting on.

It also has got this feature called  Tibbr communities. Just like Google+ Circles it allows to broadcast messages only to the interested community. This is like managing multiple social networks from a single location which manages Access, Policies and Authentications all at once.


Monday, May 2, 2011

Extending javascript functions

Method 1/

function Animal(name){
    this.name = name;
Animal.prototype.talk = function(){
    console.log("My name is "+this.name);
var a = new Animal("Brendan Eich");
var json = '{name: "Tim Berners-Lee"}'
var b = eval(b);
$.extend(b, Animal.prototype);

Method 2/

// declare function foo
var foo = function (a) { alert(a); };
// modify function foo
foo = new Function (
    .replace("alert(a)", "alert('function modified - ' + a)")
    .replace(/^function[^{]+{/i,"")  // remove everything up to and including the first curly bracket
    .replace(/}[^}]*$/i, "")  // remove last curly bracket and everything after
Method 3/
function m1(){
  alert('Initial function')
webBrowse1.Navigate(@"javascript:m1=new function(alert('Replace after.'))");

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Useful Linux commands

Descriptive processes list:
ps -aef -o pcpu= -o pid= -o time= -o vsz= -o user= -o args=

Ping broadcast:

ping -b [a].[b].[c].255

nmap -sP or nmap -sP 198.162.0.*

arp list
arp -a

tcp dump:
sudo tcpdump -i en0

Linux version:
uname -a or cat /proc/version

Software RAID:
cat /proc/mdstat

CPU Information:
less /proc/cpuinfo

copy file without rsync scp or ftp
netcat listen on port 1212 (> 1024 if not root) waiting for files
nc -l 1212 | gunzip -c | tar xvfp -
send files from source
tar cfp - /home/myuser/mydir | gzip -c | nc -w 10 destination_ip 1212

Linux Performance Monitoring: htop, dstat, bmon, iftop, ifstat, sysstat

List open files and associated by process IDs
lsof -p 6714 | grep REG