Invest in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a magical place of legend, dreams and folklore. Known through the centuries by different names, this exotic island has always attracted people from distant lands. The country continues to beckon holidaymakers even today with its myriad charms. Golden sandy beaches, bracing waterfalls and ancient rainforests mingle amidst majestic ruins and serene temples. Combine this with warm hospitality, balmy weather and the rich flavours of local food and you'll find a country that epitomises the beauty of the mystical East.

Sri Lanka offers an interesting and existing array of items for investors and traders. Gems, Finished Garments, Batiks, Tea, Handicrafts, Handlooms fabric materials, leather products, furniture, reproduction of antiques, jewellery and ceramic are comming on the top of the list.

If you have any import /export requirement of the above items or looking for an investment opertunity please feel free to contact me with all the details.

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