Saturday, August 18, 2012

Web Performance Pixie Dust

This is one nice article I read about Web Performance. Summery of the article is as below. 

Web Performance must become a priority from Top to Bottom, and vice versa. Performance monitoring is a journey, not a destination, similar to continuous build and agile dev! Yes it’s about great user experience, but ultimately it’s about the bottom line! (Slow Performance is the Silent Killer, the New Downtime - 2010!)
Items which can impact performance:
  • Datacenter(s): Location, Location Location!
  • Network(s), Latency & Geography
  • Hardware (servers, load balancers, network…)
  • DNS
  • CDN & CDN Configuration (just caught 2 cdns one using http 1.0 Close Connection and the other not compressing)
  • Proper Capacity Planning
  • Application (web, databases, frameworks…)
  • Code
  • 3rd Parties
  • Smart and efficient use of Hardware
  • Engineers + Ops working in sync
  • Web Performance Team (EVEN if it’s one person)
  • NOC or Site Reliability guys, the Watchdogs
  • Finally, the “Executive Team” that's making sure all of the above elements are receiving the proper resources and support, with the ultimate goal of getting your company headed towards a great user experience and level of performance
Read the whole article: