Friday, December 10, 2010

Oracle License

Oracle’s technology products are licensed using two metrics: Named User Plus (NUP) or Processor.

Named User Plus Metric:
This metric is used in environments where users can be identified and counted. Named User Plus includes both humans and non-human operated devices. A licensed Named User Plus may access the program on any instances where it is deployed, provided that the minimum on each server is met.
Named User Plus minimum is 25 Named Users Plus per Processor. Total number of Named User Plus Licenses required are  either Named User Plus for total processors or Total number of Named Users which ever is greater.

Processor Metric:
This metric is mostly used in environments where the software users cannot be easily identified or counted, such as internet-based applications.
Total Number of Licensable Processors = (number of processors) *(number of cores)*(multi-core factor)

Multi-core factor is:
0.25 for SUN's UltraSparc T1 processors
0.50 for Intel and AMD processors
0.75 for all other multi-core processors
1.00 for single-core processors

Useful commands to check the server configurations:
Number of CPUs and Cores => grep -i core /proc/cpuinfo
processor model and all other info => cat /proc/cpuinfo
Linux Version => cat /proc/version

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