Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Oracle ucm content management installation

Use the link to get the installation and the documentations.

First install the Apache web server.

Create a user in the database with username and password ucm/ucm.


Go to the directory which contains the setup executable.
Linux - /home/ucm/V13684-01/UCM/ContentServer/linux
Windows - G:\ContentServer_Windows_10gR3_20080807\UCM\ContentServer\win32

Run ./ in linux or Installer.exe in windows.

Summery of values selected.

Review install settings. . .
Content Server Core Folder: /oracle/ucm/server
Java virtual machine: Sun Java 1.5.0_11 JDK
Content Server Native Vault Folder: /oracle/ucm/server/vault/
Content Server Weblayout Folder: /oracle/ucm/server/weblayout/
Proxy authentication through another server: no
Install admin server: yes
Web Browser Path: /usr/bin/firefox
Content Server System locale: English-US
Content Server Port: 4444
Admin Server Port: 4440
Incoming connection address filter:
Web Server Relative Root: /idc/
Company Mail Server: mailserver.somedomain
Administrator E-Mail Address: user@server.somedomain
Web Server HTTP Address: localhost.localdomain
Server Instance Name: idc
Server Instance Label: idc
Server Description: Content Server idc
Web Server: Apache
Content Server Database: Oracle
Manually configure JDBC settings for this database: false
Oracle Server Hostname: localhost
Oracle Listener Port Number: 1521
Oracle User: ucm
Oracle Password: hOYGE/WjtaG1G/Fgm3xJXa2194WX5GMrSeGcNyfW4OM=
Oracle Instance Name: orcl
Configure the JVM to find the JDBC driver in a specific jar file: false
Attempt to create database tables: yes

Select Proceed to continue

Add the configuration parameters from the installed directory server\data\users\apache22\apache.conf to the apache configuration file httpd.conf.

Change the Allow from any to
Allow from all

Also add the following parameter if it is not already there.
DirectoryIndex portal.htm

The parameters should look something like below.

LoadModule IdcApacheAuth "G:/product/"
IdcUserDB "idc" "G:/product/"
Alias "/idc" "G:/product/"
IdcSecurity "idc"
Allow from all
DirectoryIndex portal.htm

Start the content server by executing server\bin\IdcServer.exe
Start the admin server by executing server\admin\bin\IdcAdmin.exe

Restart the Apache server .

Point the browser to http://localhost/idc/

The following message will come if the web server is not configured properly.

Network message format error. Unable to parse browser environment or content item. Unable to parse properties. Name-value pairs are missing an '='.

Check the parameters and try again.

Once successful log in as sysadmin/idc

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