Sunday, March 1, 2009

Increase sessions and processes of Oracle DB

If you use the oracle XE starter database and try to setup a bulky application like the oracle ucm content management system you will get the following error.

Unable to initialize the application. Error: Unable to initialize the system provider 'SystemDatabase'. Unable to create database connection for the database 'SystemDatabase' with connection string 'jdbc:oracle:thin:@localhost:1521:XE'. Please make sure that the connection string, user and password are correct. Listener refused the connection with the following error:ORA-12519, TNS:no appropriate service handler found

The default parameters of the starter database are not set to handle havy loads. To increase the parameters use the following commands.

Log into sqlplus by

sqlplus sys/password as sysdba (Replace password with administrator password).

Database Sessions

Increase the number of sessions to allow more users to access the database.
SQL> show parameters sessions
SQL> alter system set sessions=250 scope=spfile;

Database Processes

Increase the number of database processes which will allow more connections to the database.

SQL> show parameters processes
SQL> alter system set processes=200 scope=spfile;

Finally restart the database for the parameters to take effect.

This should fix the above error.

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