Monday, March 2, 2009

Terrorist Attack on Sri Lankan Cricket Team

Me and my friend Nivanka thought of turning the site black to condemn the brutal terrorist attack on our Cricket team as they approached the Gaddaphi Cricket Stadium in Pakistan to continue the third day of the Test match.



As Sri Lankans we have suffered a lot because of the terrorist activities carried by the LTTE (the local terrorist group) for almost 30 years. Because of the never ending effort of our brave solders now the LTTE is conformed to a very little area of 50 square kilometers and they are continuing to pounding the asses of them.

Terrorism is a virus demolishing the beauty of the world. So the whole world should put hands together on the effort of eliminating it altogether.

Once our President Mahinda Rajapaksha said we cannot categorise Terrorism to Good Terrorists and Bad Terrorists. The above incidence is another one which proves this idea.

Hope all the leaders in the whole world unite in overcoming this issue very soon.


I have rolled back the blackout effect of my blog today (05th March 2009). Hope peace will prevail on earth and incidences like this will not happen in future in anywhere of the world.


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