Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Unable to retrieve search results column is not indexed

When working in site studio and oracle ucm content server i got the following error when trying to select the assets drop down to insert a css or a image etc.

Unable to retrieve search results. Unable to retrieve search results. Unable to create result set for query 'SELECT IdcColl1.dID, dDocName, dDocTitle, dDocType, dRevisionID, dSecurityGroup, dDocAuthor, dDocAccount, dRevLabel, dFormat, dOriginalName, dExtension, dWebExtension, dInDate, dOutDate, dCreateDate, dPublishType, dRendition1, dRendition2, VaultFileSize, WebFileSize, URL, dFullTextFormat, dFullTextCharset, DocMeta.*FROM IdcColl1, DocMetaWHERE IdcColl1.dID=DocMeta.dID AND (((CONTAINS(dDocFullText,'test') > 0 ))) ORDER BY dInDate Desc'. ORA-20000: Oracle Text error:DRG-10599: column is not indexed

To fix this error need to Configure Site Studio Metadata and Zone Fields. To do this

1. Open the content server Administration page.

2. Click Zone Fields Configuration.

3. Move Web Sites and Exclude From Lists into Zone Text Fields column.

Then press update.

This should basically fix the issue above. Refer to the Site studio installation guide for more information.


According to the installation guide full text indexing is required by the ucm to run correctly even though you do not need full text indexing facility.

To do this execute the Database-Script [ucm-install-target]/database/oracle/admin/stellentrole.sql

Use the following command to enable the role to the user.
grant stellent_role to ;

Script for creating a user for content server is in [ucm-install-target]/database/oracle/admin/contentserveruser.sql. This script assigns required rights and roles to the content server user.

Enabling full text search

In addition to the above settings the following should be done to enable full text search.

If the database used is 10gR2 should run the following script

Edit [ucm-install-target]/config/config.cfg and add the following:

Restart the content server.

Run the repository manager tool comes with the content server and rebuild the indexes.

This will basically enable full text search in content server. Please refer to the installation guild in the following location for further information.


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